Talk to me.

Spencer Tunick is a brilliant photographer. Katherine, James, and I saw a documentary on him on HBO last night. I love his work. I can’t find a decent picture of my favorite, otherwise I’d show it to you. You should see some of his stuff. Although, you might not want to click if you don’t like nudity. His stuff isn’t vulgar or porn-esque, though. It’s tasteful. I’m partial to his photos focused on one or two people, but the group ones are still pretty dandy. There aren’t many examples of his smaller shots, which makes me sad. Because they’re really good. Yeah, really.

I have so much to say, but I think I’ll save it for another day.


Haha. Gosh, you kids are always intuitive, aren’t you? But yeah, you’re right, we are really complex and funny looking compared to other species. And haha, “I saw him clothed!”. But I thought Adam and Eve were blind, and when they ate the fruit their eyes were opened to their nakedness? Ack, I’m getting way too into this now.

Lah-dee-dah. Oh well, maybe next time.


Fine, Fred. Just for you. Comments enabled. Tch. Whatever, man. Why the hell am I listening to you all of a sudden? I mean, you didn’t even say please. You better leave me a damn good comment now. I demand it.