so today is saturday…and matt is going to prom and im just OH SO JEALOUS!!! i wish i were his date….then i could die a happy person….i cant wait to switch pants.


So today on the bus Kathe, Kristel, and I talked about the apocalypse. You know, normal stuff. Kristel comes up to me and starts jibber-jabbering about she heard from God-knows-who that Lucia dos Santos [the last survivor of the children at Fatima] told the Pope before she died that along with the 3 secrets that the Virgin Mary told her, she also knew about the big tsunami and earthquakes in Indonesia. Apparently, Lucia, who by the way in case you didn’t already know, died recently in February, also told the Pope that the pope who succeeds him will be the third anti-Christ, call himself ‘Damien’, and bring about the end of the people, you know, as anti-Christs usually do.

So since that all sounds like bullshit, I “researched” it. I say “research” lightly, because I don’t really consider the internet a credible source of information, but anyways. So wow, people are crazy. Crazy, crazy people. But I’ll get to that.

Just to refresh your memory, a short summary of the stroy of Fatima. It took place in 1917, to three children in I’m pretty sure Portugal. They were visited by an angel and the Virgin Mary, and they said the Virgin Mary told them two secrets, along with predicting the early deaths of the two younger children, which did happen because of the flu epidemic. Anyways, one of the secrets was an image of “hell”, otherwise known as WWII, and the second of the secrets was about the rise and fall of communism in the Soviet Union. The third secret was kept as such until I’m not sure when, when Lucia wrote it down and sent it to the then-current Pope. It was so shocking and blah blah that the Vatican kept it locked away from the public, until recently when Pope John Paul II [RIP ] said that it had to do with his almost assasination in the 80s.

Of course, people are insistent that that’s not all the third secret’s about. Of course, people are insistent that it has to do with the end of the world in the not-so-distant future. Now let me tell you about the end of the world, keeping in mind that the Vatican knows all about these rumors and good stuff. Ok, so the world’s going to world with either the incoming anti-Christ, a huge comet as allegedly re-affirmed in the Bible, or, yeah, the incoming anti-Christ. And about the anti-Christ. There are people out there who are completely convinced that Pope John Paul II was the anti-Christ. Hm. Let’s think about that.

Anyways, there’s also this saint, St. Malachy, who supposedly [it’s suspected that his “prophesies” might have been forged] listed all the popes starting in 1117 or something using not their names, but a super short phrase identifying them. So, like, people have been having fun connecting the Popes with their short phrase, even though out of the hundreds of Popes that there have been, only a handful have been able to match their connection, and quite loosely by the way. So yeah, apparently two more popes since JPII is gone, and then get ready to be judged because it’s the end of the world.

Eh. The world is annoying. We really like to think that we know what the future holds, don’t we? As we hide behind Nostradamus and other so-called psychics. Blah. I used to be really obsessed with the apocalypse and how the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, since I guess the Mayan calendar’s never wrong or something, but now, with all this, it’s all just so redundant. Oh well. Crazy Christians and their insistence on repentance and accepting Jesus Christ as your own personal savior. If I’m going to do God’s will, I’m going to do it to please him, because I want to, and because I know that I owe it to him, not out of a selfish fear of hell.

Rant rant rant. That’s all I wanted to say.