Seriously. You all need to see this movie. Immediately. This is probably the best movie I’ve seen all year. It was just. Unbelievable. You know that feeling you get after reading a really exceptional book [like Wicked] or watching a really exceptional movie [like Amelie or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind], well that’s what Crash makes me feel like. Really really excellent. Go see it right now.

I have homework to do now. An insane amount of homework, actually. Kill me.


Ahahaha. Funny funny day. Totally random, but unbelievably amazing day. I spent most of it naked.

Ahahahahahahha. I can’t get over it. Hahahaha.


and i quote kc “that was the weirdest thing you guys have ever done, you guys are crazy”. that was a series of kodak moments.


You’re lame, Matt. Don’t hate. HAH.

Soooo, my dad is the hugest fucking asshole on the planet. He’s a raging son of a bitch, and I swear, I’m going to fucking have him assasinated one day. Fucking cocksucker. But aside from that…

Good day. Thanks for hanging out with me, Jason.

I think someone should come back already. Yeah, really now.

i love sausage…sausage is great…i like veleveeta..i take iback im feelign much better because of 21 choices wneddys and a bareel of  laughs..PEACE OUT…i love my boyfriend…im goign to rape him when hes not looking and he not going to noitice…i love m somed sasuage…sausage in the morning sausage in the evening and sauasgae at supper time…when sausauge’s on a bagel you can have sausage any time…

– I’m grounded for the rest of eternity
– I have a painful bruise on my left hip bone, and I haven’t the faintest suspicion as to how I managed to acquire it
– My right calf hurts so bad that I’m forced to walk in an extremely awkward manner
– Did I mention that I’m grounded for the rest of eternity
– I haven’t started on my homework, and I start school…startingly soon
– Life. Shit.

– My birthday’s in 10 days, and I’ll get to watch rated-R movies legally
– Senior year, closely followed by fucking college
– My parents won’t be home very often for the next couple of days
– Uh, I now have free time to read?

Honestly, guys. I’d just like to assume a fetal position and pretend my upcoming birthday signifies my coming of the age of 8, and not 17, because maybe then I wouldn’t have this plethora of bullshit problems to be troubled with.

Someone. Please. Kill me. Or kidnap me and take me to 21 Choices. Either works.