1 day down. 2 more to go.

Tonight was amazing, yes? YES. I hope everyone who went enjoyed themselves. Encore Friday and Saturday night, guys!

PS. I got into UC Berkeley. Yaaay.


Rize up.


Watch it. It’s a friggin’ amazing documentary by David LaChapelle, and he in himself should inspire you to watch since he’s a friggin’ amazing…what would you even call him? A visionary? A genius? Anyhow. Watch it. It was genius.

Male dancers are so hot. Especially when they’re straight.

Wow wow wow.

Yeah. I so watched Disney’s High School Musical. Finally. And yeah ok, I have to admit. It was cute. KC and the world was right. I was wrong. And now I want to get up and sing and dance. Hurrah!

It’s 9:18 on a Saturday night. What are YOU doing.