Boys are so stupid.

And I realize now that the great majority of them are filled with wasted breaths of empty words. “I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.” Man. What a load of shit.

Oh, but this has nothing to do with me. No, this isn’t the result of some bitter interaction with some stupid boy. It’s just from what I’ve seen and heard from the guys around me. Really, it’s such a joke. I’ve yet to meet a decent enough guy who warrants any significant amount of attention or praise. Oh, please. Don’t waste your time on me. There are only so many ways that I can express my disinterest.

I’m cynical. I’ve also yet to be proven wrong. Sue me.

Mmm. Man. I’d just like to once, just once, meet someone who will prove me wrong. I would just like to meet some guy worth remembering, worth knowing, worth getting to know. As of yet, I’ve only been met with disappointment, so excuse me if the dating pool just looks a little too shallow for me to be wading around in.